Camping near Limfjorden

 Season 2020 from the 28. of marts to the  18. of oktober

Special notice about Coronavirus

Ertebølle Strand Camping  is open from 28/3 kl. 10.00.

We follow up on the latest developments in relation to the coronavirus and follow the directions and guidelines of the Danish authorities.

We have therefore introduced a number of measures to prevent contamination in all common areas of the campsite, so that we can all take care of each other. These include hand rub at your disposal in the reception area and all other common areas, and our cleaning staff will be extra careful with the disinfection of sanitary facilities and other common facilities.


If you have stayed in some of the worst affected areas in the world, are in quarantine or suspect you are ill, we expect you to follow the recommendations of the Danish authorities.


Tourist information link:  www.visitvesthimmerland.dk  

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